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Armaggedon Awaits?

December 9, 2012

We are now entering the half way stage of our SPL season & despite the best (*sniggers*) attempts by the “cream” of the Scottish MSM 5/6 of SPL teams havent folded or entered Admin;-) Yes its not a financial wonderland in this present financial climate that we live in but we will still cut our cloth accordingly & budget for things that we require…as will all of Scots football teams! (bar 1 of course) Most of us will realise that the demise of the rotten mob and theyre subsequent new beginnings in the lower lges of Scottish football will leave a financial gap in the coffers of most clubs,but not financial armaggedon. Chico Greens propoganda machine was in full flow recently re the prospectus/shares issue,the undignified handling of the tickets issue with DUFC & more comically…the belated 140 yrs bday celebrations that unashamedly took place in an asbestos filled ibrokes. Rumour has it that all is not well in Sevconia financially!! The recent “acquisition” of big Jabba from the DR is comedy gold..he is 1 guy that is used to lying to the masses & polishing numerous turds & passing it off as gold lol. Im away to sit in my bunker with my tinfoil hat on & await armaggedon via financial ruin or the Mayan armaggedon prediction. HH….COYBIG;-)

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